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Letter to the Editor

Over the past few years the Meade County Animal Control has become useless to the residents of Meade County. Surrounding counties have animal control officers that enforce laws and arrest or charge people for abuse, why doesn’t our shelter? Why do our animal control officers say they no longer have arrest powers? Why don’t they? Over the past year I know of several incidents where animal control did not respond when requested. The following are a few that I know about:

A friend of our family had her dog attacked by another dog (which chewed thru her fence), animal control refused to do anything about the dog or make a report.

The latest happened during the tragic event that occurred Thursday, 4 Mar, 2021. Animal control was called to respond and secure a dog that was killed. They showed up 2 plus hours later. Once they arrived animal control was told that someone would be contacting them about having the dog cremated and paying for the cremation in case the family wanted its remains. A call was made to animal control on Friday before 1000 am stating they were going to pay for the dog’s cremation. Animal Control informed the caller that the dog had already been disposed of “because their freezer being full”.

The Judge Executive has failed to hear any issues or take any actions with Animal Control.

Tax payer dollars are being spent to provide a service to the county, for both humans and animals. The services we need and expect from the Meade County Animal Control are not being provided. This situation needs immediate attention.

Scott Finch, of Ekron

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