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Letter to the Editor

The Green River Solar Project is good for Meade County.

We are writing in support of the Green River Solar Project. This is a significant opportunity for our family to be part of this solar energy project. Knowing that we’re able to help produce clean energy right here on our farm means a lot. There are several reasons why this project is important to us, for example:

-Participating in this project allows us to exercise our land rights, as well as maintain ownership of our farm.

-Guaranteeing our family additional income, which is important as we get closer to retirement age.

-Providing the opportunity to harvest a new crop – solar energy, while allowing our land to rest for several years that will improve soil quality for future farming.

-Lastly, we will be able to pass our land and its many uses down to our family and future generations.

In addition, the Green River Solar Project will be a great “kick-start” for our local area. It will provide a steady revenue stream for essential local services, business, restaurants, and schools; not to mention it will help reduce the tax burden on us Meade Countians.

Investments of this size don’t happen often in our community. We are excited to be part of this new solar opportunity for Meade County. I urge your support for the Green River Solar Project. This is exactly the kind of investment that can make a positive – and lasting – impact on Meade County.

Best Regards,

Harold & Kim Millay, of Guston