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Letter to the Editor

I am addressing the owner of the Meade Co. Messenger because I don’t think the child you have turned the paper over to has any idea what he is doing. The subject of my letter is the front page story “Where’s the Messenger’s fair catalog?”

Why would anyone in the position to run a newspaper resort to calling names like “king”, are we really expected to believe that Mr. Pace said you must “kneel before him, kiss his ring”.

Your editor has the right to his opinion. However I as a reader of your paper do not care to hear his child like rant. The name calling should be left to the playground. If it has to be anywhere.

As a side note: I love The Fair Catalog, as a FFA member in the 1970s I went business to business selling ad’s for the Meade County Fair Catalog. It’s a real shame it has fell victim to a custody battle.

Thank you,

Louie LaTondress

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