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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

 My husband and I love visiting the local county fairs, and enjoyed yours on the first night of the Demo Derbys. As we watched the Lawn Tractor Derby, we were surprised and appalled that the referees were all inside the barriers set up to contain the field. Two or three times, they had to jump out of the way to keep from getting run over, and one referee who decided to sit on the barrier with his body inside, yelled at a couple of the competitors who got too close to him. Really? They are competing and focusing on each other, and shouldn’t have to be worried about hitting people who have no business inside the barriers in the first place. It’s a huge safety hazard. We have seen many Demo Derbys, and this is the only time we’ve ever seen referees act so irresponsibly. I hope the Fair Board will consider banning anyone except the drivers to be inside the barriers when there is active competition going on.


 Sharon Hinkle

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