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Letter to the Editor

Updated: Mar 9, 2020


Submitted by Troy Seelye


 Effective March 1, Currans grocery in the Garrett community closed its doors. After more than 45 years of exemplary service to our community and the county, the Currans made the decision to retire. Tim and Marie were my, my brother, and my oldest two sons’ first employers throughout our high school years.

 Currans grocery was unique in so many ways, and the Currans are great role models. I personally witnessed their Christian values in action and their selfless giving to others. Volumes could not contain all of the wonderful things they have done for their community and the positive impact that they have made in the lives of others. I saw groceries delivered to shut-ins and the elderly, customers cared about and prayed for with many of those prayers being offered right in the store in front of the meat counter. I saw families given groceries when they had no way of paying for them and, rest assured, when a person passed away in the community, the store was there to provide a meat tray or food for that family.

 When you shopped at Currans, you were met with a smile and a kind word. The Currans and their staff bent over backwards to meet their customers’ needs and, the public was always treated with kindness and respect. The Currans are special people, and their store was so much more than “just” a small-town grocery; it was a local institution, and most importantly, a ministry. I thank God for the Currans and wish them a long, blessed, and wonderful retirement. They deserve it!

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