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Letter to the Editor

 I am responding to the editorial posted in the Messenger dated Thursday, April 16,2020 titled - Freedom, Flus and Facts. Here are some facts taken from "Epidemic" info is provided by the WHO. As of the day of this writing there were 2,275,738 reported cases of covid-19, 156,104 deaths and 582,424 recovered confirmed which translates to 6.9% death rate and 25.6% recovery rate. The preceding are worldwide stats. The U.S. stats reported on this same website are as follows: 710,272 reported cases, 37,175 deaths and 63,510 recovered. This translates to 5.2% death rate and 8.9% recovery rate also if the stats are broken down even further a death rate of 112 per million people and 2,146 infected per million people in the U.S. As reported in the before mentioned editorial the 2017-2018 flu season death rate of .17%. Info from the CDC.Again all these numbers reflect is reported cases. How many people may have had or have symptoms of covid-19 that are not reported for fear of being locked in their own home or other reasons. Until all of the data is in we can not know the true death rate.  I know that this virus is very bad and it kills without discretion and people are scared but anxiety,depression, poverty are also real killers How can we allow elected officials dictate which group should live or die, we might get sick from the virus or the flu or pneumonia and die but this forced stay at home is surely leading those that can not work from home or get out for fear of what might be into depression or total dependence on the government for food or a home for lack of a paycheck they could earned.  How can the local,state and federal governments fund all the programs bailouts , or stimulus if there is less money collected form payroll tax.  Print more money on the magic printing press I suppose. I wish I had a magic printing press I would give everyone enough to pay all of their bills and pay off the mortgage The truth is money printed is money owed and one day the IOU will have to be paid. You know you can also have safety without freedom in prison. Martin Krimm, of Webster