Letter to the Editor: A plea to Meade Countians

 Please, open your eyes to what is going on. This Presidential election was not rigged or stolen. In fact, we can use Kentucky's gubernatorial race of 2019 as an analogy for the 2020 Presidential election. Matt Bevin, much like Donald Trump, was a very controversial figure, to say the least. After personal attacks towards teachers and other residents of the state, Bevin became a uniquely unlikable figure. Trump has done the same with his need to always be in the media and his countless Tweets.

 Andy Beshear, much like Joe Biden, is a moderate Democrat and fairly conservative. He is not a socialist. Not a communist. Neither is Kamala Harris. Beshear and Biden offered a stable response to the Bevin and Trump controversies. If this election was stolen why would the Democrats not have taken a commanding majority in the House and Senate? Instead, they barely take control of the Senate and LOST seats in the House.

 This has been a long time coming. The Republican and Democrat parties have demonized every day Americans and turned them against each other. Republicans call Democrats baby killers and libtards and the Democrats say all Republicans are Russian puppets. Meanwhile, those parties have taken in more of our money than ever before in history. This isn't a coincidence.

 Donald Trump and Congress failed on all levels during a worldwide pandemic and now 1 in 1000 Americans has died from COVID-19. Countries like Vietnam, New Zealand, Australia, and more have gotten this under control. America didn't lose 350k lives because of a lack of resources, we lost 350k lives because of a lack of care and compassion. The almighty economy is more important than your life or mine to them.

 Trump is no savior of regular men and women. He is a selfish and corrupt billionaire who would turn Kentucky into a parking lot if he could put a hotel nearby. Stop defending this con artist, this grifter. Do you know what would help Meade County, Kentucky more than MAGA or Joe Biden's measly offerings of policy?

 Universal healthcare in the form of Medicare for All. Stimulus payments. A federal jobs guarantee to revitalize our infrastructure like our country did throughout the 1930s and 40s. Environmental protections, to keep our beautiful landscape and river views intact and not blown to bits for the sake of gravel. Investing in future technologies like solar and wind and bringing jobs to our community for educated AND skilled technical workers, while bringing our agricultural culture and way of life with us into the future.


Don Gene (Pen Name)

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