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Letters to the Editor from April 29 edition

 In my opinion KY Governor Andy Beshear has cut his political career short by vetoing an act aimed at protecting defenseless children born alive during an abortion. From this day forth he should be known as Andy the Assassin because he wants children left to die when they are born alive. OUTRAGEOUS! MURDER! Murder is defined in Kentucky Statues as causing the death of another person including acting with extreme indifference to human life. Not since Cain slew Able has there been such a malicious act by anyone in my opinion. I encourage everyone with a heart and everyone who loves children to call the Governor's Office and tell him and his folks that the Governor is WRONG. Call your legislators and let them know that you too are outraged by this evil act. His vote was not impulsive but planned. His heart must be evil because no one who believes in God and in the Christian faith could ever intentionally harm a defenseless child or leave a child to DIE when a child is born alive. What kind of monster occupies the Governor's Office in Kentucky? KY legislators MUST override Andy the Assassin's veto. The Commonwealth cannot tolerate this evil stain. Murder is murder. It is bad enough that we have an abortion clinic in Kentucky, but now Beshear wants it to become a death chamber for children born alive. We are supposed to be fighting the pandemic for ALL to remain healthy and alive and not killing babies. We must not tolerate killing children in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. If anyone is not outraged by this heinous act then I must fear for his/her soul. Please good citizens of Kentucky, show your outrage to the Governor, our legislators, and the world. Kentuckians are good folks and not baby killers. In the name of God and common decency, this must be corrected. Stop this insanity. Show Beshear the Beserker your disdain. He has my contempt completely and totally. Jim Weise, o