Library Outreach

By Joy Trotter, Meade County Public Library


 In addition to in-house services, the library takes outreach very seriously. Over 200 people use the bookmobile monthly! The Bookmobile and the outreach team visit 8 daycares, 4 assisted living facilities, and various private homes of homebound individuals on a weekly basis delivering literacy genres and providing fellowship through programming. They also venture to Muldraugh City Hall each week in June and July to engage children in reading activities, games, and crafts. The bookmobile and outreach staff go to the Summer Feeding Program sites in Brandenburg and Flaherty that the Meade County School System sponsors. These youngsters listen to stories, board the bookmobile to pick out books, and complete crafts.

 Children’s programmers also work hard on outreach opportunities all over the county, with Summer Reading activities reaching different schools and community placements with performers, books, and literacy activities. During the school year, the Library exposes children of all ages to author presentations, scientists’ experiments, and history impersonators. All of these shows incorporate literacy and encourage children to read.

The library is also partnering with the Community Early Childhood Council to initiate the Dolly Parton Imagination Library in Meade County. This program delivers an age-appropriate book to every child, birth through 5 years old, at no cost to the family. Be on the lookout for more information about this initiative.

 The library loves reaching out to the community, and would love for all people reached to be able to enjoy programs or activities held at the library. As it stands now, there simply isn’t enough space or parking available. This new building would afford the community the opportunity to participate in larger events, and would also provide parking to accommodate the increase in patron traffic. The addition of this new space will help the library continue to fulfill its mission to cultivate learning, transform lives and build community.

If you have questions about the new addition, or about library programs in general, the website is and the library is also on Instagram and Facebook. Patrons may call the library at (270)422-2094, or come in and stop by the circulation desk to ask questions and find more information about all the library has to offer.

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