Local missionary travels to Scotland

 CJ Hylander, a graduate of Meade County High School class of 2018, will soon return from Scotland. CJ is a member of the Brandenburg congregation of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and has spent the past two years working as a full-time missionary in Scotland and Ireland. While there, he labored in many areas to include Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom. His assignments included Belfast, Dundee, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

 He and his missionary companions spent many hours bicycling or walking the cobblestone streets to serve the people of that region and teach them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Additionally, he and his companion would give a helping hand to families and individuals in need, aid in community clean-up and restoration projects, and minister to the sick and elderly. While in Glasgow, he taught a diverse population of students that attended the University of Glasgow, and also had the opportunity to learn about the Chinese culture along the way. Personally, he was able to explore his own Scottish ancestry while teaching in the Highlands, traveling the countryside with all of its historic castles and mountainous green landscape. He came to know the bus, train and air schedules very well. He went on to say that someday these skills will be at the top of his resume!

 When the COVID pandemic hit in March, all the missionaries in Scotland-Ireland were quarantined with the rest of the world. When the decision was made to bring missionaries back to their home country, CJ was asked to stay in Scotland and help in the work to reassign hundreds of missionaries back to their homes. His current assignment is to help oversee other missionaries who have stayed in the Scotland-Ireland region (the mission covers a huge land mass of 3 countries and 7 islands), and to work with missionaries who have been temporarily assigned to Scotland while awaiting passage to their home countries. He also continues to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the wonderful people in the Scotland-Ireland Mission, now using online resources rather than face-to-face visits.

 CJ wrote that being quarantined as a missionary had been one of the toughest trials that he had to face on his mission. He testified that he knows that we face these trials in our life because they are meant to help us grown and become better. He recently wrote home “Two years ago I made the best decision ever and that was to give my life to serving God and others. To me, Jesus Christ is my best friend, my savior, my healer, my master, my redeemer and my strength. I’ve felt his cleansing power change me from a young, lost boy to a disciple of Jesus Christ.”

 When CJ comes home to his family, friends, and church congregation here in Brandenburg in early November, he will give his “end of mission” report. All friends are invited to welcome him home and hear of his two years in the Ireland-Scotland Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

 Submitted by Annette Hornsby, Communication Specialist, Brandenburg Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

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