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Local pet vying for “America’s Favorite Pet”

 A local dog has a chance to be voted as “America’s Favorite Pet.”

 Petey, a 3-year-old Pit Bull in Ekron, is currently ranked 5th in his polling group for America’s Favorite Pet. Visitors to can vote for free, or they can purchase votes with a portion of the proceeds going towards to Helping Paws, which is an organization that actively rehabilitates orphaned and injured wildlife, shelters and adopts homeless cats and dogs, and also provides education and outreach within the community to promote compassionate action for animals.

 Bryan Funk, Petey’s owner, says he was never really a pet person.

 “My mom was a single mom raising three kids and didn’t really have time to worry about training pets, so we just really never had them,” said Funk.

 Funk’s wife, however, comes from a family that adores animals, and she talked Bryan into getting a dog.

 About a year ago, his wife went to a local rescue facility operated by Christina Keller to meet another dog while Bryan was at work. However, Petey had other plans. Bryan says that Petey came right up to his wife and demanded her attention.

 “My wife just fell in love with him,” said Bryan.

 She told Christina that she had to check with her husband and have him and their children come and meet Petey before she took him home. Later that night, Christina called and asked her if she could take Petey immediately because she was out of room. So, Petey was on his way to his new home.

 Bryan, who was initially against having a Pit Bull due to their reputation, came home to a very loving dog.

 “I don’t think he has a mean bone in his body, I really don’t,” said Bryan.

 In August, Bryan’s wife saw the contest on Facebook. One cat and one dog will be voted winners, and not only will they receive a $5,000 cash prize, they’ll also be featured in either Dogster or Catster Magazine. Bryan says that they didn’t enter the contest with plans of winning, but just thought it would be a fun experience for the family and for Petey.

 “It’d be awesome to win it, don’t get me wrong,” said Bryan, “but it was more just kind of fun for us because we just think this highly of our dog. He’s amazing, and I think he deserves some recognition for it.”

 Pets will go through several rounds of voting until a winner is crowned later this month.

 Bryan says that he thinks it would be awesome to have a local pet crowned America’s Favorite Pet, but he really just wants to give Petey the recognition he deserves.

 “I never really thought I’d be this close to an animal, but this is my best friend,” said Bryan.

 To vote for Petey, visit