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Local residents receive suspicious document


Newsroom Coordinator

Local residents may have received an official-looking document in the mail last week. However, this document is not from the government.

The small document comes from the “Records Division” in Kennesaw, Ga. The outer envelope says that it’s the “Second Notice” and “Time Sensitive” Searching for the Records Division company yields a BBB page full of negative reviews claiming that the company is a scam.

The document itself has similar formatting to a tax document, and it reads as follows.

“As a resident of Kentucky, you are entitled to more benefits not provided by government funds. You now have access to a 2021 state-regulated life insurance program which will pay 100% of all final expenses up to $35,000. Return this postage paid card within 5 days to request this new benefit information.”

However, in very small print above a barcode that does nothing, the words “Not affiliated with or endorsed by any government agency” are printed.

The document requests information from the recipient such as name, spouse’s name, street address, age and phone number.

The bottom right of the document has opt-out instructions. Recipients should visit and enter the code provided on the document. Searching for online yields many reports of scams and accounts of deceptive mail being received.

If you have received a suspicious document in the mail that you believe could be a scam, be certain to scour the document for disclaimers and opt-out information. Never provide your personal information to a company without doing research about their intention and background.