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Luke Millay: a young farmer driven to succeed


Messenger Staff

When Luke Millay was born into this world, he was rushed into surgery to fix a heart issue. Ironically, that would be the last time he would ever have his heart questioned. In fact, anyone you ask will tell you the young man has a heart of gold. An article in the Messenger archives from April 30, 2020, titled ‘Luke Millay: Faith, family and the FFA,” went to great depths exploring a lot of what helped mold Millay into such a successful young man.

Since that article, however, Millay has taken no time to slow down. He continued to expand his hog and cattle operation to accommodate the success his ‘Millay Meats’ brand of custom pork and beef has enjoyed. He also went on to add selling sweet corn to his Supervised Agriculture Experience (SAE) progra