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Man arrested after allegedly pouring gas on girlfriend


A man was arrested and charged with assault after a woman alleged that he poured gasoline on her on July 8, according to law enforcement.

According to the Meade County Sheriff’s Office, Meade County Dispatch received a call from Breckinridge County Dispatch alerting them to a situation. Breckinridge County Dispatch said that they received a call from a female subject who advised that her boyfriend had poured gasoline on her, assaulted her and threw her onto the ground. Meade County Dispatch made contact with the female, who advised that her boyfriend, Jerame Bass, had left in a dark gray Pontiac. The female advised that he had tried to set her on fire, and she told Dispatch that Bass was armed with a machete. She said that she was having difficulty breathing, so fire and EMS were also dispatched to the scene.

When law enforcement arrived, the female was on the front porch of her residence. She advised that she was having difficulty breathing, and she was visibly upset. She was only able to advise that Bass had poured gas on her. While waiting for EMS, a dark gray Pontiac pulled into the driveway, and the female advised it was Bass. Deputies drew their weapons and gave commands for the male subject to exit the vehicle. Bass complied with commands and was detained without incident.

Bass stated that he did not do anything and that he left the situation. He was detained in a cruiser, and a machete was in the passenger seat of his vehicle. Bass waived his rights and advised that his girlfriend had acted like she was calling 911 three different times today. He said that they were arguing about money and gas and said that he had left the scene without doing anything.

After being aided by EMS, the female said that she and her boyfriend began arguing over an hour prior to her call. She said that the argument was over money and gas. She advised that Bass left earlier to get gas and, once he got home, they continued to argue. She said that Bass began tearing up the house and cursing at her and her family. She said she got into her vehicle to leave, but as she started down the road, she realized she needed money, so she put the vehicle in reverse and headed back into the driveway. Bass confronted her and continued yelling at her. The female advised that she was on the phone with 911 when Jerame grabbed the can of gas and poured it on her. She advised that Jerame stated to her, “Now they better get here fast b****.” She said that he grabbed the phone and took the gas can to the garage, then got in his vehicle and left. The female told law enforcement she then went inside to change out of her clothes, which were found inside the residence wet and with a strong odor of gas.

Bass was arrested and charged with first-degree assault. He was transported to the Meade County Detention Center.