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Man arrested on charges of kidnapping and sexually abusing a female victim and a dog

On Thursday, Feb. 10, Tristen Shawn Willis, 25 of Eastview, was lodged in the Meade County Detention Center after being transported from a McCracken County jail. Willis was arrested by the Paducah Police Department on Jan. 12 on the execution of an arrest warrant issued by the Meade County District Court in June of last year.

According to the warrant, a Kentucky State Trooper stated that on or about 02/28/21 thru 03/08/21, Willis held a female victim against her will at a residence on Woodland Road outside of Flaherty. Willis is accused of repeatedly beating, strangling, cutting and sexually abusing the victim over the course of approximately two weeks. Willis on at least one occasion forced the victim's head underwater in a nearby pond and held her there, causing her to believe she was going to drown. Willis, allegedly, forced the female victim to perform a sexual act with a dog that stayed at the residence, motivated by threats of further beatings. Numerous times while assaulting the victim, Willis stated to her that he was going to kill her. He dug a small grave in a wooded area near the residence for this female victim, in expectation of killing her. After approximately two weeks of being repeatedly assaulted while being held against her will, Tristen forced this female to walk from the above address to another location in Cecilia before leaving her with his estranged family and departing on foot. Upon hospital examination, it was discovered that the female victim had received multiple broken ribs and a lacerated spleen as a result of these assaults.

Willis is currently being lodged at the Meade County Detention Center on a $250,000 cash bond. He is charged with kidnapping (with serious physical injury); assault, 2nd degree - domestic violence; strangulation, 1st degree; unlawful imprisonment - 1st degree; terroristic threatening, 3rd degree; and sexual crimes against animals.