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Man Up Meade County event returns


Newsroom Coordinator

The Man Up Meade County event, which had been put on hold due to the pandemic, came back full force on June 3 at the Farm Bureau Building on Meade County Fairgrounds. Hundreds were in attendance to share testimonials, enjoy live music, and worship.

Man Up Meade County is a community-wide men’s ministry for all ages, denominations, churches and walks of life.

The event was originally scheduled to take place in the amphitheater by the river, but due to inclement weather, it was relocated to the Fairgrounds.

According to the Man Up Meade County website, their vision is as follows: “That the men of Meade County will consistently honor the Lord Jesus Christ in all areas of their lives. Our desire is to develop a community of men dedicated to cultivating real relationships and spiritual maturity. Our aim is to be men of strong character and integrity who serve and support one another with intentional kingdom action and attitude. Our pledge is to use our time, energy and resources to connect with and meet the needs of men in our community.”

The group is open to Christian men regardless of specific denomination. They believe that “we agree on 90 percent of our religious practices, and the 10 percent that makes us different is worth leaving at the door to focus on the one thing we all agree on: declaring that Jesus Christ is our Lord and savior!”, says the group’s website.

For updates on future events, follow the Man Up Meade County Facebook page.