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Mayor confirms rumors about possible protest in downtown Brandenburg

City workers place concrete barriers in front of the monument on the riverfront. (Photo by Seth Dukes|Meade County Messenger)

Moments ago Mayor Ronnie Joyner posted this message on the Brandenburg City Hall's facebook page:

"To All Citizens of Brandenburg & Meade County –

The City would like to make it known that we are aware that there is a protest planned this evening in our Riverfront Park at the Civil War Monument. We would like to ask that you please pray for our officers, our town, and our home and business owners. We hope that this will remain a peaceful protest and we ask that concerned citizens leave this to the police to handle. We appreciate the support of the community and again say a prayer for our small town.


Ronnie Joyner, Mayor"

Thereby confirming rumors that there is a protest to take place down by the riverfront sometime later today.

We will be updating this story throughout the day. Give us your opinion. Do you think that the monument should remain at the riverfront?