MC Ethics Code Ordinance

Editorial by Conrad Doyle

Editorial submitted by Conrad Doyle

 Ethics, what are they? Isn't it just another set of words that provide a moral compass that eventually leads to determining right from wrong?

 Yes and No. The words "Ethics" and "morals" are often used interchangeably, but they really do have separate meanings. You have likely heard it said "the courts cannot legislate morality" and that is infact quite true.

Morality measures or reflects an individual's internal view of right versus wrong.

 An individual may honestly believe that it is okay to take something from someone because "they don't need it" or "they will never miss it".

 Morals are individual in nature and have no right or wrong because it is a personal opinion. It is not until we add external rules and regulations a.k.a. ETHICS that a clear distinction is made and right or wrong is decided.

 For centuries, societies have recognized the dangers that can occur when individuals are placed in or elected to positions of power with no set code of conduct. Left to govern using their own internal moral compass to measure acceptable behavior, rulers became dictators. These dictators then begin ruling based on their own desires and decision.

 Leaders/politicians begin to make decisions based on their personal philosophy that they know better what is best for their constituents/servants. Decisions are made and information shared with the public strictly on what the "ruler/dictator" deems to be a "need to know" basis.

 Locally, both the City of Brandenburg and the Meade County governing individuals, long ago decided that both the City and County needed a document that put in black and white, what behaviors would/would not be acceptable. These documents are very similar in content and much of the language used is identical. In future columns I will be referencing the legal document as described below and it will be the sole source of information necessary to determine whether or not certain decisions made and partnerships formed meet the guidelines necessary to have some of our leadership called before the County Ethics Board.

 WHEREAS, the Meade County Fiscal Court has determined it to be the best interest of MEADE COUNTY, KENTUCKY to amend Ordinance Nos. 2008-06 & 2005-12, AN ORDINANCE RELATING TO THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A CODE OF ETHICS FOR COUNTY OFFICIALS AND EMPLOYEES IN MEADE COUNTY, KENTUCKY SET FORTH IN KRS 65.003(1)...

 Between now and next week, I encourage you to ask around and find out who the members of the Ethics Committee are, and who has final control over that body.

 It is going to be an interesting investigation and I encourage you to research the Code of Ethics as mentioned above and do your own research into the representative from your area.

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