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MC Jailer releases a statement dispelling rumors surrounding tragic wreck today

Evidently, there are some terrible rumors being spread about today‘s tragic fatality wreck that took place on the Bypass in Brandenburg. Individuals are circulating a mugshot of an individual that is being detained at the Meade County Detention Center on totally unrelated charges and claiming that she was responsible for the death of a Meade County High School student earlier today which is totally false. Meade County Jailer JJ Scarborough has issued the following statement:

“There is a mugshot photo that has been circulating social media this evening regarding a false claim that a female being lodged at the Meade County Detention Center was involved in the tragic accident this afternoon on the Bypass in Brandenburg. Again, this is FALSE, this person has nothing to do with the accident and is in the Meade County Detention Center on unrelated charges. According to authorities the accident is under investigation, and no arrests have been made.”

It is our understanding that one female has passed away from injuries sustained from the wreck on the Bypass and others were injured. These families are suffering enough. The last thing they need is members of the community spreading rumors and lies.