MCHS: one of only eight high schools to be recognized

 Statement from MCHS Principal Janette Schmidt: “We are honored to be recognized as one of eight high schools in Kentucky to meet AdvancedKentucky goals for the 19-20 school year! I commend our teachers and students for their hard work that is impressive anytime, but even more so during a pandemic.” 

 LEXINGTON – The end to the 2019-20 school year was certainly challenging for all of Kentucky’s students, but AP students faced a particular challenge. Six weeks before students were scheduled to begin taking the 2020 AP exams, COVID-19 struck the Commonwealth leaving AP teachers and students imagining ways to finish the year’s instruction and prepare for exams. The community of AP teachers

stepped up and the results were tremendous – students enrolled in the most recent cohort of high schools participating in AdvanceKentucky’s College Readiness Program saw a 198% increase in the number of qualifying scores on AP math, science, and English (MSE) exams over the previous year.

 Since its inception in 2008, AdvanceKentucky has served 100,000 AP math, science, and English (MSE) enrollments taught by 1200 AP teachers from among 130 public high schools. A new cohort of schools and teachers have joined the program each year. A typical school has started with a baseline averaging 20 AP MSE Qualifying Scores (QS) prior to application, and on average increased 139 percent in just one

year and 250 percent over the standard three-year period of intervention and introduction to an open enrollment approach. Additionally, eight of AdvanceKentucky’s active high schools met aggressive oneyear growth goals increasing the number of AP MSE qualifying scores from 2019 to 2020. Those schools are: Central Hardin HS, East Ridge HS, Frederick Douglass HS, Knott County Central HS, Meade County HS, Model Laboratory School, Morgan County HS, and Paducah Tilghman HS. The goals met by these high schools are challenging in normal years but should be seen as extraordinary given the challenges faced this past school year.

 To assist AP teachers during the early days of COVID-19, AdvanceKentucky created, a provisional website that provided live comprehensive review sessions taught by proven AP teachers from Kentucky and across the nation. In the six weeks leading up to exams, AdvanceKentucky conducted 67 live review sessions with over 7,500 student and teacher participants.

 “Of course, our preference is always toward in-person instruction. For the past twelve years we’ve seen

how important community is to classroom success and we were not sure how much of that can be replicated via online instruction. However, thanks to our network of teachers, we have found new

opportunities during COVID allowing us to reach a greater number of students. We stand ready to support Kentucky schools whatever happens this year,” said AdvanceKentucky’s Executive Director, Anthony Mires. While program schools remain the priority, AdvanceKentucky will make program elements such as professional development, content-specific review sessions and mock exam readings available to all teachers and students across Kentucky to help successfully navigate AP MSE courses this year.

 AdvanceKentucky’s mission is to increase student access to and success in rigorous classroom instruction preparing students for post-secondary success and helping Kentucky stay globally competitive in education. AdvanceKentucky’s Access to Algebra supports middle school math instruction in grades 6-8 to increase the number of students on track to meet math benchmark by the time they graduate high school. The College Readiness Program (AP®) supports middle and high school pre-AP and AP math, science and English courses to increase AP participation and success.

 AdvanceKentucky’s Computer Science (CS) Initiatives supports K-12 classrooms by providing professional development opportunities to broaden student access to computer science courses, pathways, and credentials. AdvanceKentucky is an initiative of the Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation. For more information please contact Anthony Mires by email at or by phone at 859-230-6383.

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