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MCHS Swimmers still improving despite distractions


Sports Reporter

Despite all the setbacks, canceled practices, days off from being able to travel to Fort Knox and get in the pool, the Meade County High School Swim team is keeping a positive attitude and still hitting on all cylinders as they showed in their home meet against Bardstown on Feb 13. Head Coach Kelli Wilson explained that not being able to practice daily is hard on the kids, even just missing two or three days of not being able to get in a pool their muscles begin to lose muscle memory, so when they do get back in the pool it is like starting all over again. The swimmers have been dealing with this all season due to weather, COVID-19 restrictions put on them by either KHSAA or the school district itself, but regardless of the reasons, these kids are resilient and have still managed positive gains from last year. They have challenged themselves to seek ways to develop and improve both physically and mentally, even if they couldn’t get in the water, and so far, they have improved their self-confidence, self-awareness, and mental toughness with each time they compete over the season. Virtually every member of the MCHS Swim Team has improved their times in various events, and some have taken on the challenge to swim in events they never have before if another teammate is not there to compete.

After all the events were completed, the times and points added up would come out on top, but what the coaches and swimmers were more interested in was how the team performed overall. MCHS had 57 swimmers compete in 24 events with swimmers setting 32 new PRs (personal records), that in itself made this whole event a success. With Regions still a few weeks away, by the time it comes around Meade should be hitting their peak, and hopefully will be bringing home another Regional Championship.