MCKY website posts now free to view


Newsroom Coordinator

Meade Countians now have a free news source to take advantage of online.

Blog posts on will now be free to read for everyone, regardless if a subscription is purchased. A subscription will still be required to read the traditional, electronic edition of the newspaper, however.

Blog posts consist of stories from the newspaper and are uploaded to the website every Thursday. Breaking news is also frequently published to the website prior to making it to the print edition. From Fiscal Court to feature stories, readers will be able to enjoy local news and stay informed without anything more than an internet connection.

Staff at the Meade County Messenger and MCKY news feel that it is important for them to help facilitate a well-informed community.

“Getting accurate and local news is extremely important,” said Meade County Messenger and MCKY News General Manager Crystal Leo. “With many members of the population struggling to make it through the COVID-19 pandemic, we believe that cost shouldn’t prohibit people from staying up to date with community happenings.”

For more information on how to access, or to troubleshoot a website problem, call 270-422-2155

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