Meade can’t hold off Breck

By Richard Fairman

 The Meade County High School Ladywave volleyball team hosted their district rivals on Sep 29 at the MCHS Gym. The Breckenridge High School Lady Tigers has been a thorn in Meade’s side that they just cannot seem to pull out. Breck came into the game boasting an 8-3 record, while Meade is struggling coming off their loss to Grayson Co.

 “We look forward to playing these guys every year. This is a big rivalry between us, so when we do play them, we want to put our best on the floor,” said head coach Bob Dunn

 In the first set, Meade seemed to be on their game. Meade was able to use the strength of their front line to put kill shots away, catching the Breck players out of position, or finding the hole to put a soft touch on the ball to drop it in for the side out. Breck was unable to come back on Meade to close the gap as Meade went on to take the first set.

 In the second set, Meade felt the full wrath of the Breck power at the net. Breck began the set strong with a pair of kills, then following up with a four-point rally to jump out to a six-point lead over Meade. With Breck homed in on Meade’s main strikers, Brooke McElfresh, Emma Mattingly, and Ann Rogers, Breck would crash the net each time either one of them would get a good set for the kill. Meade dropped the second set to Breck tying the match at one a piece.

 “We all came into this game wanting the win. Our plans was to play as a team and put our full hearts into this game,” senior Madlyn Collard said, “We worked really hard supporting each other, I felt as though we were playing really comfortable, trusting our teammates, and taking advantage of where Breck was making mistakes. This is something that we can use when we play them again.”

 The last two sets went to Breck giving them the match, but it was not due to Meade’s lack of effort. The last two sets both teams would trade the lead back and forth bringing the game down to which team had the rally at the end. Unfortunately, in the last two sets, those rallies went to Breck.

 “This is our biggest rival, and the girls played very well. The emotions coming into this game were high due to that rivalry, and I believe that once we can learn how to control those emotions, we’ll be able to beat them.” Head Coach Bob Dunn said after the match, “All the girls are aware that this could have been a big win for the team. The biggest thing we as a team need to learn is if we make a mistake, do not let it turn into two or three more mistakes. Let it go and get back to playing their style of ball. I believe that once we learn to do that, there is no way we could lose.”

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