Meade cannot stop Elizabethtown offense

By Richard Fairman

 For the entire week leading up to Friday night’s game against the undefeated Elizabethtown Panthers, everyone was talking about the newly renovated Hamilton Field. October 9 was the first time that Greenwave Nation could see the field in all its glory, up close and personal. For the players, it was a nice relief knowing that their field was done, and that they would not have to play anymore games at the SPMS field. With the new field, came a new determination to get the Greenwaves back on the wining track.

 Meade knew that Elizabethtown was going to be a hard-tough game, but that did not mean that Meade was just going to lay over and let them run all over the field without a fight. Meade made some adjustments on both sides of the ball since last week’s defeat, that they hoped would benefit them on both sides of the ball, and for the first eight minutes of the game, it did.

 “All we can do is go out there and do our best. We’ve prepared all week, and I think that we will give them all they can handle tonight,” Mofield said of his team’s readiness.

Meade stopped Elizabethtown’s high-powered offense on its first two possessions, but late in the first, Elizabethtown began picking Meade’s defense apart and marched down the field. The Meade defense did their best to stop them, but Elizabethtown punched the ball in on a six-yard slant pass to the corner.

 Meade’s offense found it hard to run or pass against the Elizabethtown defense but were able to have sparks of life, finding holes to move the ball down the field. Even with Meade able to scramble for a first down here and there, they would still not be able to get the ball into scoring distance of the goal line during the first half. For the remainder of the first half it was all Elizabethtown, as their defense forced Meade to punt each time they got the ball.

 After the half, the Panthers began the third quarter pretty much the same way they finished the first half, moving the ball down the field by exposing Meade’s defensive weaknesses. Meade defense held off the Elizabethtown offense from scoring, but then Meade’s offense turned the ball over on their first series back, which Elizabethtown returned for a touchdown.

 Late in the fourth quarter Meade began moving the ball on the ground, then completed a few quick passes, putting them in scoring distance. Meade County senior Austin Oppel was the first Greenwave to pound the ball in over the goal line for the first time on the new field from the one-yard line. Elizabethtown continued to eat up the clock moving the ball with short runs or passes that would net them first downs until the end of the game. Meade didn’t get the outcome that they had hoped for as they pick up their fourth straight loss.

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