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Meade Co. Sheriff Phillip Wimpee’s Tip of the Week: Mark Your Property

Often when someone has property stolen from them, there are no identifying marks or numbers on the property. This makes it that much more difficult for law enforcement to identify property when it is located.

Some things to do to help recover your property if it is stolen:

• Items such as trailers, boats, off-road vehicles, tools — place a unique number or mark on these items that are in a place that only YOU know where they are located and record the number or mark in a safe place in the event you should need it.

• Record serial numbers, make, model, and caliber of all weapons. Keep this information in a safe place for easy access in the event they are stolen.

With just a few simple identifying steps, you can increase the chances of your property being recovered in the event of a theft.

And remember, “We Are Family!” We all must work together to “Keep Meade County Safe!”