Meade Co. Sheriff Phillip Wimpee’s Tip of the Week: School Bus Stop Signs


It appears traffic safety is becoming a huge issue in our county. And, with school being out for the summer, there is an increase of children participating in outdoor activities which adds another risk factor. Practicing safe driving is a must! Some things to do to help do your part in keeping our roads safe:

• Don’t let yourself be distracted. Leave your phone in your purse or pocket. If you must answer, safely pull over and then answer.

• Anticipate that the other driver may be distracted and not paying attention.

• Red means STOP, Green means GO, and Yellow means caution, light is about to change to Red.

• If you are stopped at a RED light and your light changes to GREEN, wait a couple of seconds before you go, just in case that other driver tries to “Beat The Red Light”

A YELLOW Flashing Arrow does not mean you have the right of way. It means that you must YIELD the right of way and if it is safe to do so, then

you can make your left turn.

• Leave yourself plenty of space between you and the vehicle in front of you.

• Be extra watchful for children playing in yards along roads in case one runs out in front of you.

• When you are stopped at a STOP sign or RED light make sure to look for motorcycles as well as other vehicles before taking off. Often motorcycles can be hard to see. These are only a few things that we can do as drivers to help make our roads safer. And remember, “We Are Family!” We all must work together to “Keep Meade County Safe!”

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