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Meade Countians receive COVID-19 vaccine


Newsroom Coordinator

Vaccines for the COVID-19 virus have started to roll out, and some Meade Countians were able to get their vaccinations last week.

As part of the phased vaccination schedule, first responders and those that are in the first phase of the vaccination schedule were able to be vaccinated at the Meade County Health Department last week. After receiving the vaccination, individuals were monitored briefly on site to ensure no serious allergic reactions occurred. Common side effects of the vaccine include pain and swelling in the area the shot was administered, as well as fever, chills, tiredness and headache. The Lincoln Trail District Health Department has a vaccine registration for non-hospital healthcare workers on their website,, as well as other information about the vaccine in general and its distribution.

On Jan. 4, Governor Beshear’s office announced that Kentuckians will be inoculated in four phases. Phase 1 is broken up into three sections. Phase 1a includes long-term care facilities, assisted living facilities, and health care personnel. Phase 1b includes first responders, Kentuckians over the age of 70, and K-12 school personnel. Phase 1c includes Kentuckians over the age of 60, anyone older than 16 with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention highest-risk conditions for COVID-19, and all essential workers. Phase 2 includes anyone over the age of 40. Phase 3 includes anyone over the age of 16. Phase 4 includes children under the age of 16 if the vaccine is approved for this age group.

The Governor said that the state’s goal is to administer 90 percent of all vaccine doses received in the state within seven days of arrival, and that the newly announced additional phases provide clarity on when more Kentuckians can get the vaccine. The phases also help providers understand what order vaccines should be administered in, which is crucial if they are having challenges meeting the 90 percent weekly goal or if they have extra thawed vaccine.

As of Jan. 4, Meade County has 1,217 total cases of COVID-19. Of those, 103 are active, 1,107 have recovered, and 7 have died. The county saw 37 new cases on Jan. 4.