Meade County Arrests

*All suspects are assumed innocent until proven guilty by a court of law.*

Meade County Sheriff’s Office:

8/24: Megan M. Hack, 23, Louisville, failure to appear.

8/26: Jeremy E. Guffy, 37, Guston, trafficking in cont. substance, 1st offense (> or = 2 gms methamphetamine); possession of handgun by felon; trafficking in cont. substance, 1st degree, 1st offense – (<10 D.U. opiates); drug paraphernalia (buy/possess).

8/27: David A. Allen II, 30, Vine Grove, probation violation (for felony arrest).

8/27: Brandt A. Gipson, 26, Brandenburg, probation violation (for felony arrest).

8/27: Patrick L. Hardin, 26, Louisville, failure to appear.

8/28: Austin L. Russell, 22, Guston, probation violation (for felony offense); probation violation (for misdemeanor offense).

8/28: Stephen P. Mantenuto, 35, Laconia, IN, possession of cont. substane, 1st degree, 1st offense (methamphetamine); possession of cont. substance 1st degree, 1st offense (heroin); drug paraphernalia (buy/possess); operating on sus. or rev. oper. License.

8/29: Brandi M. Simmons, 28, Brandenburg, failure to appear.

8/29: Dustin J. Taulbee, 28, Vine Grove, failure to appear.

8/29: Thomas L. Cothern, 32, Radcliff, disregarding traffic cont. dev. – traffic light; operating on svs. or rev. operating license; receiving stolen property u/$10,000.

Brandenburg Police Department:

8/25: Danny D. Sea, 44, Guston, failure to wear seatbelts; oper. mtr. Vehicle u/influence alcohol – 0.8 – 3rd (aff. cir.).

8/27: Carlton D. Darnell, 32, Louisville, failure of owner to maintain required ins/sec, 1st offense; operating on sus. or rev. operator license; no registration plates; none/improper use of temporary tag when required; possession of firearm by convicted felon; trafficking in cont. substance, 2nd or > offense – (heroin); trafficking in cont. substance 1st degree, 2nd or > offense (> or = 10 D.U. opiates); drug paraphernalia (buy/possess); possession cont. substance, 1st degree, 2nd offense (methamphetamine).

8/27: Joseph T. Staples, 23, Payneville, disorderly conduct, 2nd degree criminal mischief, 3rd degree; alcohol intox. In a public place (1st and 2nd offense).

Muldraugh Police Department:

8/29: Tonya S. Crain, 45, Muldraugh, disorderly conduct, 2nd degree; resisting arrest; assault, 3rd degree – police or prob. Officer; terroristic threatening, 3rd degree; menacing.

8/29: Austin C. Nation, 26, Muldraugh, disorderly conduct, 2nd degree assault; assault, 3rd degree – police officer or prob. officer; resisting arrest; menacing.

Kentucky State Police:

8/24: James A. Anderson, 50, failure of owner to maintain required ins./sec., 1st offense; no operators-moped license; no registration receipt; serving warrant (for other police agency).

Commonwealth Order:

8/28: Emillee M. Daniels, 26, Radcliff, oper. mtr. Vehicle u/influence alcohol/drugs 0.8 – 1st offense.

8/28: Robert J. Bradley, 23, Radcliff, prob. violation (for misdemeanor offense).

8/30: Micah S. Renfro, 29, Brandenburg, probation violation (for misdemeanor offense).

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