Meade County as its own cash cow


Submitted by Conrad Doyle


 What is a Cash Cow? It is a business, investment, or product that provides a steady income or profit. What does she look like and where is she located?

 She is as close as your mirror, and if you look closely, you will recognize the reflection and identify the what and where. Yes-you are the cash cow (in this example you are gender neutral) and you can never run dry(term used when milk flow has ceased).

 I, "The muckraking anonymutt Professor Conrad Doyle" would like to propose a motion that we install our own Debt Clock that functions in the same manner as our national debt clock, that tracks the U.S. debt and sits at Anita's Way, between One Bryant Park (West 43rd Street) and 151 West 42nd Street on Sixth Avenue in New York City. I further suggest it be located atop of our very beautiful Meade County Public Library.

 For those that do not or cannot access the vast amount of available information posted on the internet, I am including this document as it appears in one of the endless number of items to be found on YOUR (yes, it is yours because your tax dollars are paying for it) web-site:

 It is important that you know this document does not reflect any "proposed" or future requests. And, these numbers do not reflect the multi-million request that the county/city officials will be adding for the new waste water facility.

 There are a number of glaring concerns that even the non-interested would agree upon. The one that screams to be seen is the astronomical amount tied to the Public Library............ if all of the other debts were combined (go ahead and do the math, I'll wait) it is mind blowing how ONE debt adds up to just about all the others combined......HOW./WHEN/.WHY was this allowed to happen? Why would one EXTREMELY OVER-FUNDED entity be allowed to continue to suck so much money from us? What justification can be presented that could ever justify the absolute squandering of our tax money?

 Look across the street from this library and tell me what you see......Let me tell you what the rest of us see:

We see a very nice Extension Office in which we have some of Meade County's finest "Subject Matter Experts" that provide state of the art facilities and programs. One of particular interest is the Consumer Science Program that provides endless learning opportunities and workshops. Have you visited that facility and taken a tour through the Kitchen/Meal Preparation area? If you have, then you would join the rest of us that are shaking our heads at the duplication of services. When trying to "sell" us on the reasoning of this basically unannounced (until after they got

caught/questioned) "Community Building,” you decided to make the tax payers think it was OUR building, needed to fill OUR community needs.

 SICKENING and DISGUSTING is how I and others feel about this whole sham!

 This entire ordeal is the epitome of glut and waste! Our grandchildren will be paying for this and other glutenous decisions made by those who think they have the right to wield dominance over and know better what our money needs to be spent on!

 Sure wish "we the people" had the $1,700,000,000.00 to help off-set the running debt-clock!

see story here (week 7)

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