Meade County Civil War Days

The Brandenburg downtown and Riverfront Park were bustling with activity the weekend of July 9-10 for Civil War Days. On Saturday, July 9, spectators lined Main Street in anticipation of the reenactment of Morgan’s Raid street battle. A light rain did not deter either those watching or the participants. Shortly before the battle began, the rain let up and everyone was treated to a spectacular battle.

Just before the fighting started, several reenactors dressed as citizens from the 1860s walked about the storefronts on Main Street. A few men and women rode by on horseback and others played cards. Some danced in the street as the Kentucky Home Guard, who had set up in front of the Madame on Main store, played period tunes.

The battle began at 2:00 p.m. with rapid fire between the Confederate and Union soldiers. One lighthearted moment occurred when Confederate cavalry men stopped in front of the Kentucky Home Guard Band and demanded that they play Dixie or be dealt with! I never heard Dixie played so fast!

Festivities continued all day Saturday with people touring the camps, concerts, and a night fire of cannons. On Sunday, a church service was held in the gazebo on the riverfront, the camps were open for tours, and the last battle took place on the field by the playground at 2:00 p.m. Food trucks such as Sunny and 75, Chef Maria’s and Old School Flavor Trailer provided food and beverages close to the gazebo.

Beth Woolfolk from the Meade County Civil War Heritage Association stated that they had approximately 194 reenactors that came from all over the states of Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Alabama. Beth and her husband Andy also said that many of the reenactors told them that this was the best town raid they had ever participated in and that the people of Brandenburg were so nice. They also got many compliments from the public who attended the event. The association is now raising funds to bring the Civil War Days back to Brandenburg in July 2024.

Photos by Trish Turner | The Meade County Messenger

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