Meade County E-911 to start accepting Text-to-911 Calls

 Text-to-911 service is now available for individuals who cannot safely make a voice call to 911 in an emergency situation.

 In order to use the service, simply type “911” in the field for a phone number in a new text message. Texting should be done through your wireless phone’s text messaging service and not through a third-party app. When texting, provide your exact address or location, explain the type of emergency or help that is being requested, be prepared to answer any questions that the 911 Telecommunicator texts back, use plain language (no abbreviations, symbols, emoticons, photos or videos), and be brief and concise.

 Do not text 911 just to see if it works.

 his service will be a great asset to community members. Not only does it provide a way for those with hearing/speech difficulties to contact 911, it also provides an alternative method of communication for emergency situations that would put the caller in danger if making a voice call, such as abductions, domestic violence, or active shooter situations.

 Testing for Text-to-911 has been completed in Meade County and is available to users from major mobile carriers and most other non-major mobile carriers. Text-to-911 may not be available outside of Meade County at this time as it is a relatively new service coming to the state of Kentucky. If a text is made to 911 where that service is not available, a message will be sent back to the phone advising the customer to make a voice call.

 Although Text-to-911 is undoubtably a valuable service, the best way to reach 911 is via a voice call. Only utilize this service in emergency circumstances where a voice call is not possible or safe.

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