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Meade County Extension Homemakers

Submitted by Margaret McCoy

 As we celebrate Extension Homemaker’s week here in Meade County, let’s look at the Meade County Extension Homemakers Association, our purpose and why one would want to be a member.

 Why belong to this group?

* Are you new to the community?

* Are you a stay-at-home care giver, maybe you are single, widowed or maybe empty nester?

* Are you someone who is retired and would like to be involved more in your community?

 We are not just cooking and crafts but can be at times. We have eight clubs that have many different likes and talents and there is a club out there that would be perfect for you.

 The community service projects and programs the Meade County Extension Homemakers are involved in are numerous. They consist of the University of Kentucky Ovarian Cancer Screening Research Program, Manners Luncheon, Meade County Fair Exhibits, Gifts from the Heart, Holiday Bazaar, Meade County Backpack Program, Meade County Food Pantry, Meade County Recycling Program, taught in the primary and elementary schools, Springhaven Domestic Violence Shelter, Meade County Extension Homemakers Annual Scholarship, volunteering at All About Home Assisted Living and Brandenburg Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, Support to Military Families, Meade County School System, MARC Anchor House, Center for Courageous Kid, the Annual Harvest Dinner and acknowledging veterans at different times of the year.

 Homemakers have contributed or volunteered their time, money and effort over the years in support of the community. In 2020, the Meade County Extension Homemakers gave 17,813.75 volunteer hours to our community, which, if they were being paid, would have equated to $426,971.25.

What is a


 The definition according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is “one who manages a household, especially as a spouse and parent.” According to the English Language Learners Definition it is “a wife who does work (such as sewing, cleaning or cooking) at home and usually does not have another job outside the home.” The first known use of the word “homemaker” was in 1867. We know that definition of homemaker is not true today. Most homemakers care for home and family, work outside the home and hardly have time for themselves. That is where Meade County Extension Homemakers can help; a place to learn to make life easier and a place to share common interest with those in the community.

 Meade County Extension Homemakers come from all walks of life. The membership still consists of those who do/did not work outside the home, but the membership also consists of retired nurses, retired teachers, military veterans, retired government employees, those who are still employed outside the home, are stay-at-home moms and many other backgrounds. Extension Homemakers can cook, bake, sew and clean with the best, but they do so much more. They are people who want to and do so voluntarily so many other things to give back to the community. The Extension Homemakers are trying very hard to get out of that “cookie cutter” mode of what an Extension Homemaker is.

 As we have moved away from the June Cleaver image as a society, so has the extension homemaker organization adapting to reach the needs of members and improve our communities.

 The Meade County Extension Homemakers began with a group of ladies from the Buck Grove and Garrett communit