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Meade County finishes District 11 Runner Up

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Rich Fairman:

Sports Reporter


 On Feb 28, in front of a packed MCHS gym, the Men’s District 11 Championship against the number one seeded Breckinridge County Fighting Tigers, and the number three seeded Meade County Greenwaves. Meade had been waiting for this matchup since the last time they played during the regular season where Breck narrowly took the overtime win by just three-points. By the time tip-off came, it was standing room only, with the noise from each student section down right deafening at times. Each team looked to be ready knowing which player they needed to keep from shooting, and which offensive plan to put into effect. So, at the start of the game, each team went right to work on their game plan. Meade’s defense had a great start to the game, leaving Breck scratching their heads on how to get the ball to open players. Meade’s offense was also strong as they took the ball straight at Breck’s defense, beating them down low, and making high quality shots that pushed them out in front early. At the end of the first, Meade led Breck by four, feeling pretty good about their fast start.

 Breck slowly began to find their rhythm in the second to take their first lead of the game, rallying together to put together a 10-0 run behind their leading scorer senior Kaeveon Mitchell sinking three 3-pointers, forcing Meade’s Coach Trupure to call a timeout. After the timeout, Meade settled down, to go back to what was working in the first to put together their own rally, snatching the lead back from Breck with less than two minutes left in the half. Meade held their lead as the teams went into the half with Meade leading Breck by a score of 27-26.

 “I thought we came out with some great defense, but Keaveon (Mitchell) he’s a tough kid to defend. I mean he’s the number one player in the region for a reason,” Tripure said of the team’s first half play, “when they needed a big shot he was the one that stepped up and got it. We placed a chaser on him for a while, but he was still making them. But I thought our boys came back and played hard, which got them right back in the game.”

 In the second half, Meade continued to keep their intensity high, rushing after loose balls, and disrupting any Breck player that might have thought he had a shot. The third period would prove to be Meade’s Achilles heel once again. They came out strong but would slowly lose their momentum midway through. Breck quickly closed the gap once again with Mitchell hitting 3-pointers each time he got a shot off. After Breck got to within one of Meade, the intensity, and physical play picked up, which got Meade’s Mitchell Dozier called for a foul while trying to go for the ball. After the call, the refs tacked on a Technical that allowed Breck to take a four-point lead, and the momentum with just under three minutes left in the period.

 “We were just playing our style of game; we love to play Breck County. This team seems to bring out everyone’s best. Its just a real physical, and tough team to play against. As one of the seniors I need to be a leader on the team, and getting the foul wasn’t good for us. It definitely didn’t help us any, that’s for sure.” Dozier said of his play, “I just wanted to go out there, lead the team and play hard.”

 Breck used the momentum to keep their offensive pressure on Meade going on a 6-0 run and a six-point lead at the end of the third with a score of 47-41. In the fourth Meade continued to battle back each chance they could. They also switched up their defense, sliding into a zone to try and keep Breck’s hot scorer, K. Mitchell, from hitting three-pointers. Midway through the period Meade got to within four of Breck, but Dozier received his fifth foul, and would have to sit for the rest of the game. With Dozier out, Breck took control of the boards, grabbing rebounds, that would transition to scores, making it hard for Meade to