Meade County honors the 2020 seniors

By Chad Hobbs

 Last Friday morning, Meade County High School administrators and staff along with staff from throughout the district initiated the plans they had worked hard to keep secret as they planned. MCHS Youth Services Center Coordinator, Nikki Smith along with the MCHS PTSO had put together a senior draft to allow staff not just at MCHS but throughout the district to pick seniors to deliver Senior Yard Signs to each individuals house to give a little cheer to a class that has lost so much due to the corona virus pandemic, as schools have been shuttered and activities such as a traditional graduation have been canceled. Signs were made that included each seniors name and picture to be displayed in their yards. A steady stream of staff trickled through the Meade County College and Career Center for most of the morning Friday as they picked up their drafted senior’s signs and headed out across the county to deliver them. “The seniors have no idea this is going on and it is a total surprise to them today. That is what makes it so special. We want our class of 2020 to feel as honored as possible,” stating MCHS principal Janette Schmidt. “The yard signs look amazing thanks to Nucor and ShipNPrint. Our employees are going to surprise the seniors at their homes to celebrate our seniors.” Schmidt also said they are in full swing planning a drive-through graduation for with a virtual spin for May 22. She added that safety is a priority, following the rules while still honoring the graduates. “There’s a likelihood of graduation not happening and I’m just not OK with that,” she explained of the drive-through plans. “Our class of 2020, it’s hurting my heart for them. I know it can’t be the normal setting, although, we will do everything we can in the future to do a normal ceremony if we can but safety is number one.” “Meade County is absolutely amazing because we are pulling together; we all care so much about one another in our community as a whole. Today’s surprise event, we all need that positive in our life,” Schmidt concluded. “I hope that the gratitude and the caring and the loving nature of our community is really shining today. That’s what makes me so excited for our class of 2020 helping us bring our community together because they are resilient, and they help us make awesome happen in Meade County.” On Saturday, May 9, seniors are asked to drive through at the high school to pick up their cap, gown, yearbook, baby ad pictures, and graduation announcements. They are asked to also bring their Chromebooks, chargers, library books and school instructional materials (textbooks, etc.) to drop off. The drive-through will take place in the Freshman Academy parking lot. Seniors with last names A-K are asked to come from 9 a.m. until noon. Seniors with last names L-Y are asked to come from 1 p.m. – 4 p.m.

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