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The Meade County Local page: it’s plagiarism, not news

The Meade County Local Facebook page claims to be "up to date news on Meade County local events, stuff going on around town, etc." The owner of the page, Montez McCamish, is anything but a journalist. He is a plagiarizer who steals others' content, posts it on his "news" page as his own and then goes into local businesses, using his Facebook likes and following from his page to try and convince business owners to pay him ridiculous amounts of money in exchange for claiming he can take their business to the next level through his promotion.

Here at the Meade County Messenger, we are a true news agency that puts a lot of time, effort and finances into covering Meade County's story. It's not cheap, especially these days, driving all over to obtain the stories. The beauty pageants last night required an employee to pay admission to the fair, set for several hours in the two pageants to take photos and collect the names of the winners, then send that data to another employee who typed up the information and posted it on our page as quickly as we could. There was time, effort and money devoted on our part to deliver the news to Meade County and beyond. Then, along comes Montez, who has no desire to put in that kind of time, effort or money, and instead, simply copies and pastes our content verbatim, with no citation or credit to the Meade County Messenger, and passes it off as his own on the Meade County Local page.

We are all for people sharing our content. We share people's content all the time, too. But sharing post's is a whole lot different that stealing posts and claiming you were the one that put in the time required to report the news. This is not the first time we have had this problem with Meade County Local. Just a year or so ago, we had to get the Kentucky Press Association lawyers involved and file complaints with YouTube and Facebook, along with issuing a cease and desist letter. We thought the problem had been nipped in the bud. Time passes, however, and he is right back to his same old tricks. As you can see from the post's below, Meade County Local has completely plagiarized our content in its entirety, down to the extra space I accidentally placed between "Kentucky" and "Cal" on the baseball post.

So, just know, that when you support Meade County Local and the guy behind it, whether it be financially or through following and liking his posts, you are also supporting and liking plagiarism and piracy. It is fraud, not news. If he had a car lot and was taking cars from Ray’s Ford or Tony Brown Chevrolet for his own financial gain, he would be a thief. It is no different when he steals the Meade County Messenger’s content for his own financial gain. It’s theft — no ifs, ands or buts about it.