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County releases park COVID-19 guidelines


- Shared equipment is permitted, but must be sanitized frequently. If possible, still try to allow each player to have their own ball, bat and helmet.

- Players will not be required to wear a mask when in the field actively playing/batting. Masks are to be worn when not playing.

- After games, teams will not be allowed to give the standard handshake. Teams can wave hats at the end of each game.

- The county recommends limiting the amount of spectators that attend games to immediate family members only.

COVID-related information.

- Parents and guardians should check players for any symptoms prior to starting of practices and games (temperature, cough, GI symptoms, shortness of breath, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, loss of taste or smell). Coaches should be able to provide documentation as necessary to the Parks Director and Rec. League Director.

- Any symptoms of players or coaches should be reported to the head coach, the head coach should then contact the Park’s Director and Rec. League Director to determine the next steps.

- Masks should be worn by athletes, coaches and spectators anytime social distancing is not able to be achieved.

- Spectators are encouraged to bring ac hair to maintain social distancing in the crowd. If bleachers are available, it is recommended to be seated 6 feet apart and to wear appropriate masks when social distancing is not available.

- Coaches and players will sign a COVID-19 waiver at sign-ups or their first practice. The waiver must be signed before first practice. Copies will need to be given to Park’s Director.

- All players/coaches that have to isolate or quarantine are required to have return-to-play documentation from their physician prior to returning to practice/games. If documentation is not present, then the player/coach will not be allowed to participate until documentation is received.