Meade County School District begins the process of covid-19 vaccination for employees

On February 5th, at 8:50 AM, the Meade County School District posted the following on Facebook:

"In a partnership with Kroger Pharmacies, Meade County School District has administered the first dose of the Moderna COVID 19 Vaccine to all employees that requested to be vaccinated.

“This week has been a historic step forward for our community in the fight against this disease and pandemic,” Superintendent Dr. Mark Martin said. “Although we are still operating under the Executive Orders of Governor Beshear for in-person instruction, this first dose of the vaccine will position our teams to be prepared to serve the children of Meade County in the weeks ahead. I am so thankful for our great partnership with Kroger Pharmacies to begin the vaccination process for 485 members of Greenwave Nation.”

Educators were prioritized as Phase 1B by the Kentucky Department for Public Health and Governor Beshear. Individuals who received the first dose of Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine this week will receive the second dose in early March.

“We look forward to releasing our March Instructional Calendar mid-February,” shares Dr. Martin. “Every employee across our district inspires me with their dedication to partnering with our community to provide a first-class education -- even in a pandemic. I am confident this vaccine is another tool that will serve our community in the important work we do to educate our students.”

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