Meade County Schools announces universal masking policy, quarantine changes

Meade County Schools Superintendent Mark Martin posted a video to the district's Facebook page Friday afternoon. In it, he informed the community that the school district would adopt a universal masking policy in light of new legislation from Frankfort.

A three-day special session resulted in, among other things, lawmakers giving local school districts the power to decide many of their own COVID-19 guidelines. Martin said that their objective is too keep schools operational and keep students learning in person. He said that, during the first 21 days of school, the district saw 211 positive cases among students, and 551 students were quarantined. He projected that, without masks, the district would have had nearly 2,500 students quarantined.

"The data shows us that universal masking is reducing quarantines and helping us remain operational," Martin said.

In addition to continuing their universal masking policy, the district will also be reducing quarantines of asymptomatic individuals.

Martin says that the district will continue with this policy for the next five weeks. On Oct. 21, the district will announce whether or not they're changing their policy or not. He said that, last year, the district saw a spike of cases after fall break, Thanksgiving and Christmas, and he said that possibility is on their radar.

View the video below for more information on the update from the school district.

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