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Meade County schools officially open tennis courts


Sports Reporter

The Meade County High School Tennis team has been waiting for over a year to be able to play on their new state-of-the-art tennis courts that were built and completed back in 2020, but due to COVID-19 and the cancellation of last year’s spring sports, the team had to wait until this season to officially open them.

On April 15, Meade County Superintendent Mark Martin and Meade County High School Principal Janette Schmidt, along with the MCHS Tennis team and school staff members for the district, cut the ribbon opening the courts officially prior to the team’s first home match against Daviess County. After the ribbon cutting, Superintendent Martin commented on what this means for our community.

“Any time that we can talk about giving students opportunities, whether it be athletics, the arts, or any type of extra-curricular, is a good thing. Our Board of Education is so proud to be able to offer this to our student athletes. There has been a lot of hard work from past leadership to make this happen and is a monumental day for our community.”

Principal Schmidt, who also anxiously waited for over a year to open these courts to her athletes also commented, “These courts are just beautiful, and they are much more accessible for our parents, students and fans to come and watch our student athletes perform. I think it is awesome that we have the number of tennis players that we have that want to play for the school, and to have eight courts will only help to have our program here at Meade County High School grow under Doctor Martin’s leadership of always wanting to promote and increase our opportunity for students.”

For years, the Meade County High School has had to play their home matches in two different locations. While one team would play at the MAC, which has four courts, the other would have to play at the Doe Valley location, whose courts are in dire need of some upgrading and repair. So back in 2007, then Superintendent Doctor Millay asked assistant tennis coach Bob Bertrand to give him a plan on what it would take to build some courts for the school to use as their very own. Mr. Bertrand went out to some of the finest courts he could find and took a little from each one to draw up the plans and presented them to the school board.

“We are really fortunate to have these. I mean they gave us everything that I asked for when I presented the plan to Dr. Millay. These lights that they have installed are the best, you won’t see lights like this at most courts, and we are very grateful to have them. If you just walk around and look at all the features this facility has, you’ll see that they didn’t spare any expenses. This will be out first home match on these courts since they were completed last year due to sports being shut down last season, so we’re ready, the kids are ready, and it looks like it’s going to be a wonderful year.”

Once the matches got underway at the new tennis courts it was nice to see that there was plenty of room for parents to enjoy watching their athletes. Students came out to cheer their fellow students on in their own little student section. Both the Boys and Girls teams played very well and looked like they were just glad to be back on the courts playing. The Boys won their match over Daviess County 3-1, while the Girls fought hard, but would fall 2-3.

The Boys performed really well, but the Girls are fighting and playing really hard. They are taking each game to deuce, but just can’t seem to get over the hump sometimes in some of the game,” Head Coach Rob Miller said of the teams’ first match of the season, “The Boys team is in pretty good shape, and overall I am really excited about the way both teams are playing. Really, both teams are in their first year of playing since we didn’t play at all last year, so seeing what I am seeing today, the effort, the fight, the grit that each player is giving, I am really excited for the season, and I see good things for them in the future.”