Meade County Sheriff Accidents

 06-01-20: Gary P. Clemens stated, while driving toward Rock Haven Rd. on Darnall Ave., Darren R. Richardson was on his side of the road and struck his mirror causing minor damage. Richardson stated that he was dropped off the road, when they were passing each other, and Clemens was on his side. Passenger in Richardson’s vehicle stated the driver had both sets of tires on the dually truck off the road. Richardson had no damage.

 06-03-20: Thomas F. Goins was being operated southbound on Old Ekron Rd. Goins stated that once he made it out of the curve and the road began to straighten out, he saw a dog in the road. Goins stated that he jerked the steering wheel too hard. Goins stated that is when his vehicle traveled up the hillside then crossed over the train tracks. Goins stated that he was only traveling about 50MPH. It appears that Goins crossed over the northbound lane and continued off the roadway. After the vehicle left the roadway, the vehicle then traveled up the hillside at an angle. The vehicle then traveled across the train tracks. After the vehicle traveled across the tracks, the vehicle traveled approximately 25 feet before coming to rest against a chain link fence. Goins was cited for: operating a motor vehicle with expired operator’s license, failure of non-owner to maintain required insurance and no/expired registration plate.

 06-04-20: Cory W. Brown was driving southbound on HWY 79 when his rear tire popped causing him to lose control of the vehicle and leave the roadway. Brown reported that he was not injured and denied medical attention. There were marks present on the side of the roadway for a distance of 142.6 feet. In that distance the vehicle first made contact with a mailbox, breaking the pole, and dragging the mailbox with the vehicle. Next, the vehicle struck the driveway embankment and slid to its final resting location in a grass field.

 06-06-20: Kelsey R. Russell was traveling westbound on US 60. Carrie R. Coomes was traveling eastbound on US 60. Zachary Davis stated someone had just stopped him and advised him the taillight on his moped was not working. Russell stated she swerved to the left to avoid striking the moped. Russell sideswiped Coomes.

06-06-20: Robert L. Logsdon stated that the two vehicles in front were traveling at a very low rate of speed. Austin R. Derossett and Logsdon started passing the other vehicle. Logsdon stated that Winifred G. Estes turned on her turn signal and turned into their path. Derossett collided into the side of Estes’ vehicle and Logsdon went around on the ground without making contact with either Estes or Derossett. Estes stated that she was turning and when she started turning, she noticed the motorcycle. A witness stated that Estes turned on her turn signal at the last minute then turned in front of the motorcycles and the motorcycles did not have time to react. Deputy did not witness the collision.

06-07-20: Bruce Fowler II was heading toward Brandenburg on Old State Rd. Bobby A. Defee was heading away from Brandenburg, when he thought the truck in front of him, that was following a tractor, motioned him around. Defee noticed it was a bad spot to pass and stopped. Fowler came over the hill crest and was unable to stop before colliding into Defee, which had stopped in his lane. The operator of the tractor and the truck witnessed the collision, and both stated that they had their arms out to motion for a left-hand turn. Deputy did not witness the collision.

06-10-20: Tammy F. Webb, while driving west on 1638, struck a Domino’s sign that was in the road that had fallen off Nicole K. Humphrey’s vehicle, Causing Webb’s vehicle to have damage to the grill of the vehicle and crack her front license plate. Humphrey stated that the wind took the sign that was on her car causing it to blow backward towards Webb while on duty as a pizza delivery driver for Domino’s.

06-10-20: Christopher J. Fealy stated while driving west on Doe Valley Parkway, he noticed Donald Martin walking his dog in the lane of travel. Fealy attempted to pass Martin, Then Martin stepped out in front of his truck, giving Fealy the middle finger, causing his passenger mirror to strike Martin in the arm. Martin stated while walking his dog, Fealy approached him and didn’t attempt to get off the road and had plenty of room in his lane to avoid hitting Martin. Martin had a cut to his arm but refused EMS.

06-11-20: Brandon A. Maust was traveling toward Brandenburg on KY 1638, a vehicle stopped quickly in front of him and he went off the right-hand shoulder to avoid the collision. He went through the ditch, and the vehicle overturned coming to rest on its top. Deputy did not witness the collision.

06-12-20: Freddie J. Minter was parked in the parking lot of Tony Brown Chevrolet. Eric R. Combs was going through the parking lot and misjudged distance and collided into Minter. Deputy did not witness the collision.

06-13-20: Jack E. Woodward III stated that he was making a left turn onto Burgundy Ln. as Brendan E. Willis was at the stop sign. The stop sign is at the intersection of Burgundy Ln. and Osborne Rd. Jack stated that as he was making the turn, Willis took off at a high rate of speed, causing his vehicle to burn out and shoot gravel alongside his vehicle. Willis stated that Woodward was making a right turn onto Burgundy and struck the rear of his vehicle.

06-13-20: Enamrado T. Machado stated while unloading his semi-trailer in the rear, a U-Haul truck came around the back side hitting the lift gate and causing the salvage he was loading to tip back on to him. The surveillance footage of the accident via Dollar Store in Muldraugh was obtained.

06-14-20: Scott L. Priest stated while going towards Big Springs, he ran off the road and when he reentered the road, struck another vehicle. Troy L. Hayes was transported. The officer spoke with Hayes on the phone who stated he observed a vehicle coming towards him. He noticed the truck ran off the road, and the trucks grille as right in front of him causing him to hit the side of the truck. Hayes stated he was in his lane and the truck veered into his.

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