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Meade County Small Business Challenge

Updated: Mar 9, 2020



 Information has been released regarding the 2nd annual Small Business Challenge. Through funding awarded by Rick Kueber and family, the Meade County School District will award $10,000 to the Meade County community for new, small business ideas. Last year, they awarded funds to a student from MCHS, a student from DTW, and to one community business. The challenge is founded in the principle of encouraging risk-taking for new business opportunities in the community. The funding requests could be for a new business or an existing business looking to branch into a new product line or adventure.

 “This is a great opportunity for our community, and I feel many thought the challenge was ‘too good to be true’ last year,” said Marc Adams, Associate Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment for Meade County Schools. “However, it’s true. $10,000 will go into our Meade County business community.”

 The Kuebers’ gift has allowed the district to focus on entrepreneurial spirit in pathways at MCHS and provided additional technology and innovation support for Meade County Students. The gift also allows the district to provide scholarships to aspiring business people to attend seminars and competitions where business plans will be critiqued and judged.

 “The entrepreneurial spirit can be found everywhere,” said Kueber, who along with co-founding Sun Tan City is a leading Planet Fitness franchisee with 50 clubs in six states including Kentucky. “We’re excited to help the next generation of hard-working business owners start pursuing their dreams with a program that gives them the tools they’ll need every day to be a success.”

 There are two divisions of competition: K-12 student and Community. Letters of intent are due by April 15. Project abstracts are due May 15. Ideas will be presented during a live event on June 4.

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