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Meade County Spirit Pump Comes to Midway


Messenger Staff

 Parents all over the county spent the final month or longer of 2020 preparing for Christmas. While many of us focused on gifts for our family and children, Cory and Leslie Redmon, owners of Midway Petroleum, along with their three boys — Case, Cale and Cash,

were also preparing a gift for the Meade County School District. Midway Petroleum, located on Highway 79 in Midway, is a bulk fuel and oil distributor. They service farmers, construction companies, and other vendors in Meade, Breckinridge, northern Hardin, Grayson and Hancock Counties. They also have a fuel pump that can be used 24 hours a day for diesel, gas and ethanol free gasoline which is popular with owners of boats and small engines such as those on mowers, weed-eaters and the like. The fuel pump recently received a Meade County Greenwave Spirit Pump makeover.

“The idea behind this was I heard they had one of these in Larue County. So we started asking questions and were like that’s a no-brainer,” Cory said. “I thought, well why can’t Meade County do that? Why not do that here?”

They contacted the lady in Larue County who has one of these spirit pumps, and the way it works is that they come and decal the pump. Redmon said they came out and set it up at Midway.

“Basically we made the commitment to donate to Meade County Schools a penny a gallon for every gallon of gas that’s run through it every month. So we tally up at the end of the month, we call you and send you a check,” Redmon explained to Meade County Superintendent Mark Martin. “So basically its good for the community, it’s good for us, it’s good for the school system. It’s another way for people to support the school system 24 hours a day.”

“Well we appreciate that,” Dr. Martin replied. “We appreciate you thinking of us.”

The Redmon’s said that, during the slower months, it would probably equate to a couple hundred dollars. During the busy months, especially during the summer, it would be more along the lines of 500 to 600 dollars.

“We just love the community support, and anything showing the Greenwave, we are supportive of that,” Dr. Martin continued. “We appreciate the generosity of them giving back to our school district. We just love the partnership.”

Martin said there is something special about a one high school community and seeing the green right as you cross over from Breckinridge County.