Meade has tough time with North Hardin


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The Meade County High School Greenwave Soccer team had a tough time in their home game against the North Hardin Trojans on Sept 9. The last time that Meade beat North Hardin was in 2018, and each time these two teams match up you can bet it’s going to be a tough, physical game. This game was no different as both teams’ defenses quickly stopped any attacks by the offenses, pushing the ball back to mid-field. North would finally work the ball inside Meade’s box just after the midway point of the first half setting up for the game’s first goal. North scored on a cross pass in front of the goal that beat senior Goalkeeper Mason Powers on the backside to get out in front and putting pressure on Meade.

Minutes later, North would go up by two, scoring their second goal of the game on a rebound that Powers had initially blocked, but could not get back into position before a North Hardin attacker got a foot on the ball. With Meade now in a hole, the physical play began to get more intense as Meade pushed their attack forward. North was called for a foul, giving Meade a free kick from about 20-yards out from the goal. Senior Grayson Pollock was chosen to take the kick, and he made the most of it. Pollock deposited the ball in the back of the net hitting the upper left corner to close the gap to only one at the half.

As the intense physical play in the second half continued, it made it difficult for either team to get any quality shots off on either goalkeeper, or when they did get a shot off, both keepers where right there to stop or deflect them. North was able to score on a miscue inside the box with just under 15-minutes left in the game, which gave them a little breathing room by putting them back up by two.

With time running out, Meade continued their attacks on the Trojan keeper, but just could not get anything by him. Their best chance came on a corner kick that got loose in front of the goal as North tried to clear the ball. Meade attempted three different times to put the ball in the goal. Twice it bounced off the post, and the third and final time the deflection went outside the box, where North Hardin took control of the ball.

North put an explanation point on the game with only 1:23 left in the game on a blistering shot that left split two Meade defender that screened Powers, giving him no chance to defend it. With little time Meade tried hard to mount an attack, but North would just clear the ball each time they got it close to the box.

After the game Head Coach Matt Pollock told his team that the score does not reflect how hard they played, and that this was a hard-fought game that they can hold their heads high about. He knows that some mistakes were made, and that they as a team know where they need to clean up their game play, but overall, they continue to improve with each game they play.

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