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Meade honors their spring athletes

By Richard Fairman

 For high school seniors across the nation, 2020 will forever be known as the year of COVID-19, when in fact it should have been known as the year of their graduation. But for 36 Meade County High School spring sports athletes, it will also be known as the year of what could have been. On May 8, the Meade County community showed up in full force at David T Wilson to give the MCHS Spring Sports Seniors the best senior night they could have. The Parade consisted of Brandenburg Police leading a procession of vehicles filled with family, friends, and Meade Countians just wanting to say thank you, and show their love to our senior athletes. Through careful thought, and planning, the MCHS administration thought that this would be the best way to honor their spring athletes, and to open it up to everyone in the community that wanted to take part to show the athletes that they are appreciated. MCHS Athletic Director Todd Clanton talked about the parade and why it is important to show the athletes they are not alone in all of this.

 “Other counties, and schools have been doing parades like this for a while now. We wanted to wait until KHSAA canceled the spring season before we did anything to honor our athletes. Really, we were hoping that we wouldn’t have to do this, and that they would be able to have some sort of season, regardless of how long, and have their own senior night.” Clanton explained. “It’s tough for these seniors, they are not going to be honored by their teams on senior night in a traditional way. We feel for them, they’ve worked hard for four plus years to get to where they’re at, then it’s taken away from them at no fault of their own. It really is heart breaking.”

 The parade route first passed the new tennis courts, where the players and families waved and cheered, then continued to Meade Olin Park where both Greenwave Baseball and Ladywave Softball players stood by their vehicles as the procession passed them by. The parade then continued to the Parking lot at MCHS where the Track and Field team gathered to thank everyone for coming out.

 Unfortunately, MCHS’s new Track would not have been completed for the 21 seniors on the Track and Field team to compete on, but they still were looking forward to giving it their all, to lead their team to State once again.

 The biggest heartbreak must be for the five seniors on the MCHS Tennis team. These seniors watched all fall and winter as construction was completed in time for them to compete on a court, they could call THEIRS. With the completion of the new courts meant that the team would no longer have to play at two locations and could finally have the entire team in one location to watch and root on their teammates.

 This was supposed to be the breakout year for our two Ladywave softball seniors. Through their strong leadership and experience, the team was looking to 3peat as District 11 Champions and make a run for the Region 3 Championship. It was the same story for the four seniors on the Greenwave Baseball team. For a few of them it was time to bounce back from injuries, but for all of them it was time to put the plan they had been building on for the last four years into action, and take back their number one position in District, and make a run for a chance to play at State.

 Regardless, we can a