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Eight area high school track teams travelled to Central Hardin High School March 20, to compete in the Bruin Relay Track and Field meet kicking off the 2021 track season. This would be the first meet that Meade has competed in since 2019 due to last year’s season being canceled, and for Head Coach Larry Garner and his assistants the team is basically starting all over from scratch.

“This is almost like a brand-new team since we had so many seniors last year that did not get to compete and graduated. This year we have so many new people that have come out for the team that we have almost 80 athletes on the team now. Coach Mofield and I have talked and we got it worked out where he sends some of his football players to me for sprint training, and then we go up and lift, so we have about 15 football players on the team,” Garner said of the make up of the team. “So from the last time we competed, which was about two years ago, we do have a brand new team, well at least to me it is. We also have a great middle school program, so it is really exciting to see the young people we have. We have speed that we haven’t had in the past. We now have some jumpers, so it is going to be an exciting year for us, that’s for sure.”

Garner also went on to talk about what this season will look like in the way of spectators and restrictions due to COVID and KHSAA rules. The state has put out that meets can only have 30% capacity, and with the number of teams competing at this meet, meant that spectators were not allowed due to the size of the teams. Garner is hopeful that when the team competes at smaller meets, that they will allow spectators, or that in the near future KHSAA will look at lifting some of the restrictions due to the events being held outside with plenty of room for teams to distance themselves, allowing parents and families to occupy the stands.

“Not having families in the stands is very sad. These kids work hard at practice to compete in these meets, and they need their parents, friends, and spectators in the stands to cheer them on. I really hope after a few meets that the state can relax a little bit to allow for spectators to come in and watch. It was pretty disheartening for me to watch my son run, than look over to see my wife, and his grandmother having to look through a fence to watch him run.”

Even though the team has been training for two months now, they have had to deal with the snow, ice, and other breaks but overall, the coaches were pleased with the results from today’s meet and are hopeful that by the end of the season that the team will have athletes qualify to compete at the KHSAA State Meet.

Results: BOYS

Overal Meade County Boys 5th Place Finish

300 Meter Dash

Kaiser, Ethan 44.03

Scott, Cade 47.11

Stull, Branson 49.18

Garfield, Lars 55.28

1000 Meter Run

Laughead, Zach 3:48.93

Johnson, James 4:29.46

Bova, Jacob 4:29.57

Seitz, Shane 4:36.51

1 Mile Run

Carnell, Mikie 5:14.22

Garcia, Fidel 5:19.28

Muncy, Aiden 5:38.5

Whitt, Carter 7:23.24

3000 Meter Run

Wilson, Luke 10:58.45

Garner, Lance 10:58.57

Gonsalves, Jayden 11:38.39

Butler, Colin 11:46.76

5000 Meter Run

Wilson, Duke 17:33.99

800 Sprint Medley

Meade County 'A' 1:46.00

Sacra Emilio, Fortner Jay,

Whobrey Nolan,

Mangay-Ayam Phryxu

Meade County 'B' x1:50.46

Brandon Mason, Perales Julian

Heiner Garrett, Cowman, Jace

1600 Sprint Medley

Meade County 'A' 4:08.19

Williams Hunter, Defevers Joshua

Spohn Lukas, Gonsalves Roman

Meade County 'B' x4:44.63

Mofield Braden, Cole Connor

Carlson Linc, Carnell Miki

Distance Medley

Meade County 'A' 12:27.83

Cowman Jace, Mangay-Ayam Phryxu

Gonsalves Roman, Wilson Duke

Long Jump

Whobrey, Nolan 15-06.00

Triple Jump

Sacra, Emilio 38-00.00

Shot Put

Jackson, Marshall 35-08.00

Discus Throw

Jackson, Marshall 94-02

Results: GIRLS

Overall Meade County Girls 5th Place finish

300 Meter Dash

Kelmel, Farin 1:04.90

Pike, Lilly 1:08.34

Blevins, Avery 1:13.79

1000 Meter Run

Silveira, Riley 4:02.08

Bova, Layne 5:07.9

1 Mile Run

Mitoraj, Madisyn 6:35.17

Jantzen, Joanna 7:15.72

5000 Meter Run

Mitoraj, Madisyn 22:13.03

200 Meter Hurdles

Keenan, Embry 32.19 10

800 Sprint Medley

Meade County 'A' 2:15.91 1 5

Collins Brystol, Kelmel Farin

Blevins Avery, Witt Lauren

1600 Sprint Medley

Meade County 'A' 4:56.21 1 8

Hearn Alyssa, Witt Lauren

Keenan Embry, Johnson Lindsey

Distance Medley

Meade County 'A' 14:33.35

Wilson Zoe, Collins Brianna

Anderson Samantha, Spink Trinity

Meade County 'B' x15:48.28

1) Moore, Mallory

2) Collins, Brystol

3) Garcia, Alyssa

4) Muncy, Bellamina

High Jump

Keenan, Embry 4-08.00

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