Meade loses in defensive battle

By Richard Fairman

 After Saturday’s loss to Owensboro Catholic, the MCHS Greenwave soccer team came out with a new determination to get a ‘W’ in the win column before the end of the season. Little did they know that their game on Oct. 6 would turn out to be a battle of defenses in their game against the Nelson County Cardinals. From the very beginning of the game, it was exceedingly difficult for each team’s offense to penetrate the opposing team’s defense, and even more difficult to try and get a shot off. Nelson was able to be the first to get any kind of shot on goal that rebounded off the post and right back to the front of the goal, bouncing around like a pin ball, until Meade goalkeeper Kyle Chapman was able to pounce on it for the save. The game would remain scoreless for the remainder of the first half, even though both teams had their chances to score.

 “I thought our defense held really well this evening, if there is one thing that has come around full circle since the start of the season is our defense. They are much better than they used to be,” Head Coach Matt Pollock said. “Our defense cleared out some serious stuff, ball after ball after ball. They continued to get the ball out of there. Now we need to do the same on our offense.”

 At the start of the second half, both teams picked up the physical part of the game, making it difficult to get any sort of rhythm on offense going. Ten minutes into the half, Nelson again was able to get a shot to rebound off the goal that caught Meade’s defense off guard and out of position to help Chapman out, allowing Nelson County to push the ball into the net. That would be the only goal scored for the remainder of the half.Even though Meade pushed hard and attacked Nelson’s defense and goalkeeper hard, they were just unable to get a ball in the goal. This leaves Meade with only two games before the end of the season to put a ‘W’ in the win column before they head into district play next week where they will face off against Grayson County.

 “We have got to play with support. When you outrun the guy with the ball and he loses it, by the time we get turned around they are already 40-yards down the field. We can’t keep allowing that,” Pollock told the team after the game. “We have got to learn to shape up on offense. When we slowed it down and went left to right, we were able to hold onto the ball, but if we try to go in a straight line, we’re not going to beat a team like this.”

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