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Meade Rolls Over Fredrick Fraize

Rich Fairman:

Sports Reporter


The Meade County Greenwave basketball team finished up District play hosting the Frederick Fraize Aces on Feb 6. Meade has had a few games get away from them when both their second meetings with Hancock County and Breckenridge County games would result in overtime losses. Those losses netted them a number three seed when the District 11 tournament begins. Meade’s offense had no issues getting to the hoop, putting points up on the board, that didn’t seem to kick in till towards the end of the first period, but once Meade figured their offense out, it took off in a hurry. Meade finish the first period on a 10-0 run to give them a substantial 12-point lead over the Aces. Meade’s Offense would add an additional 22-points during the second period, and with such a lead over Fredrick Fraize, Meade took some time to work on their defense, that they might use later in the season. Switching up the defense worked well as they held Fredrick Fraize to scoring only 10-points in the period and took a 10-poinit lead into halftime.

During the second half, Meade continued to work on their defensive play, as Coach Tripure began to sit starters giving his younger players some much needed playing time and get them used to running their own offense and defensive plays. Meade’s younger players moved the ball well keeping their lead starched out and their transition back on defense kept Fredrick Fraize from closing the gap. During the final period Tripure turned the game over to his younger players, and each contributed to the teams win. With only four games remaining on Meade’s regular schedule before District 11 tournament begins, the team will need to win all of them to finish the season at .500.

Box Score 1 2 3 4 F

Fredrick Fraize 12 10 13 15 50

Meade County 24 22 15 17 78


C. Crump-14,

M. Dozier-14,

C. Decker-11,

C. Turner-10