Meade Special Olympics Basketball

Rich Fairman:

Sports Reporter


The Meade County Special Olympics Basketball kicked off season on Jan. 18, at the Breckenridge County High School against the Breck Co special Olympics team. Meade County has enough players to support two teams, so they will field an A-Team and a B-Team this season, and with Breck Co just able to field one team, the A-Team got the call to compete. The B-Team will host a home game on Jan. 25 at the Freshmen Academy. The whole team played well together and were able to keep pace with the Breck Co team in the first game after trailing by 12. Meade came back to close the gap on Breck by using their outside shooting, with Jay Jones hitting 3-pointers putting points on the board quickly, but they just couldn’t get ahead and would drop their first game.

In their second game Breck didn’t hold much back as they jumped out in front of Meade and continued to build their lead quickly. Meade was able to piece together a few quick rally’s with Jones, and Kim Fairman hitting 3-pointers, and Chase Johnson hitting put backs in after grabbing rebounds under the hoop. The Breck team was just too much for Meade as they won both games, but the Meade team is still working on the fundamentals, and is improving each time they get on the court.

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