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Meade Swimmers ready to hit the water

Photos by Rich Fairman| The Meade County Messenger

Senior Mimi Stull comes up for a breath while competing in the breaststroke event.


Sports Reporter

On Jan. 23, the Meade County High School Swim team held a swim meet of their own at Gammon Pool on Fort Knox. Swimmers from the team were divided into two teams, the Green and White teams, with the winner receiving the coveted Golden Kick Board. One of the main reasons that the team does this is to prepare them for the season, get used to how meets are actually run for new swimmers, and get veteran swimmers back in sync. This year poses new challenges for the swim teams. Their meets will no longer be multiple teams competing against each other, but rather a duels type meet where only two teams will compete against each other. The reason for this is to cut down on the personnel inside of a pool area, thus limiting the risk of spreading COVID-19.

“We are excited to get the season started, things have obviously been a little different with the start of the season. We have actually started three times now, with our post season moved back a couple of months. So, now we our working on preparing and positioning ourselves at this point in the season for where we need to be in April and the post season,” Head Coach Kelly Wilson said of the team’s progress and season. “This year we decided to start with the Golden Kick Board competition which we hope will be an annual event. What we did was divide the team as fairly as we could based on experience and set it up like as if it was an actual meet. This way we can get some times and race paces, but really it’s to get those jitters out of the way before we have an actual meet where the times are going to really count.”

Wilson says the team is really excited for the season to get underway and are prepared to hit the water. Returning to defend her regional championship in the 100-Yard Breaststroke is junior Kara Bewley, with senior Tanner Medley hoping to better his last year’s runner up position in the 100- Yard Breaststroke. The team hopes to put more swimmers on the podium this season, and has the swimmers to do it, so we’ll have to see how the season unfolds with the new way meets are conducted.