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Meade volleyball heating up

By Richard Fairman

 The Ladywave Volleyball team had a slow start to the season losing their first three matches but have bounced back to win three of their last four. On September 23, they hosted the John Hardin Lady Bulldogs who have also had a struggling year.

From the very first set Meade’s offensive game took control of the net over John Hardin’s defensive set as they took the time to see where the holes were. Last week the senior leaders on the team acknowledged that they needed to work as a team better, they needed to come together as one, and they needed to get it done quickly. whatever they did to change things with the team’s dynamics, it has been working and showed after they won the first set by a nine-point margin.

 “We expected the team to come out extraordinarily strong last night when we played Hancock, and we did that, which I think just carried over to tonight’s game against John Hardin,” senior setter Alandria Lee said of the teams recent play, “This is a team that we’ve hard a really hard time beating in the past, but we came out and played as a family tonight, rather than a team, and got the job done.”

 In their second set both teams played hard at the net, which kept the game close, but when John Hardin jumped out to a four-point lead over Meade Coach Bob Dunn, called for a quick time out. After calming his team down and talking strategy with his girls, Dunn sent them back out on the court to get it done. That is exactly what they did. They rallied off a six-point rally that gave them the lead, and got it done, winning the second set by four-points.

 “Our dynamics of the team has really changed in the last week or so. We have Emma Mattingly back, (Who has been out for personal reasons) and that has really added an additional energy that the team has been missing,” Dunn said of the girls tough play lately, “When you get someone like Emma, and her energy it changes things dramatically. The girls are starting to play the game the way they know how, and they are playing as a team. they are picking each other up when someone might make a mistake rather than placing blame, and that is what they need to do to keep winning.”

The third set mirrored the first, as Meade jumped out to a quick lead, then cruised their way to a solid victory sweeping John Hardin in three sets to win the match. Meade is almost to the halfway point in the season sporting a 3-4 record, but they know there is still work to be done if they want to come out on top at the end of the season.